Vata is a mind-body energy that is made up of the elements air and space. It is characterized by the qualities of dry, rough, light, cold, subtle, and mobile. Vata dosha controls the movements in the body such as breathing, removal of wastes, speech, pumping of the heart, and voluntary and involuntary actions such as blood circulation, and food moving downward through the digestive system.

It is considered the primary dosha because the other doshas are not able to move without it.

People who are primarily vata dosha are energetic, creative, spontaneous, imaginative, and strong communicators. They tend to have dry skin (on the inside and outside of their bodies) so keeping their bodies moist and well hydrated is crucial. They are usually lean, have a sensitive nature, and are prone to illness more than the other doshas.

If there is a vata imbalance it can show up as confusion, anxiety, depression, fear, excessive spending, gas, arthritis, insomnia, bloating, disorganization, and constant worry.

Vata predominant individuals should try to focus on routine, slowing down, warming foods and activities, and keeping themselves grounded. They should avoid cold and raw foods, engage in stress reducing activities daily, get to sleep earlier, and avoid constant movement and travel.

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