Dosha Assessment

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1. My physique is thin and I don’t gain weight easily.
2. I am quick and active.
3. My skin is usually dry and rough.
4. My hands and feet are usually cold.
5. My energy fluctuates and comes in bursts.
6. I usually develop gas or constipation.
7. I usually have difficulty falling asleep or having a sound night’s sleep.
8. I am uncomfortable in cold weather.
9. My hair is dry and brittle.
10. My nature is lively and enthusiastic.
11. I have difficulty memorizing things and remembering them later.
12. It is easy for me to learn new things quickly, but I also forget quickly.
13. I am indecisive.
14. I become anxious or worry excessively.
15. I am usually emotional by nature and my moods fluctuate.
16. My mind is restless, but also imaginative.
17. I have irregular eating habits.


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