Return to Radiance

Regain your Vitality

Do you need support in naturally and holistically reaching your wellness goals?

Are you looking to understand your true nature and how to eat and live in harmony?

Then this program is for you. The Return to Radiance package offers you deeper support with the information and routines that allow you to regain optimal health.

How do we do this? We reignite your ojas (pronounced oh-jus), which literally means vigor, vitality and immunity—otherwise known as your inner energy reserves. When we are stressed, tired or overworked, we deplete these reserves along with our inner radiance.

When you learn how to improve your physical and emotional digestion, you’re in touch with the essence that creates the radiance of your skin, the brightness of your eyes and the luster of your hair. By bringing your nervous and immune systems back into balance, your emotions will come into balance as well, thus stabilizing your mood and promoting peace, gratitude and ease. An abundance of ojas allows your inner radiance and beauty to shine through naturally.

Let’s work together to increase your ojas so you can see the shifts emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

This package includes:

This package includes weekly check ins and personal one-on-one sessions with me.

Initial consultation 90 minutes

Rejuvenate your mind and body

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