Pitta is a mind-body energy that is made up of the elements fire and water. It is characterized by the qualities of oily, sharp, hot, liquid, light, moving, and acidic. Therefore, in cases of imbalance the qualities opposite those of pitta dosha must be focused on. For example, a pitta dominant individual should not be eating excessively spicy foods in the summer since the heat outside combined with the hot food may aggravate pitta dosha further.

The pitta dosha controls the functions of absorption, assimilation, digestion, and transformation in the body. It also maintains the body temperature and the luster of the skin.

Pitta dominant individuals generally have a strong metabolism and good digestion. They are warm to the touch and have a tendency for premature graying and hair loss. They perspire more profusely and sleep consistently. They are intelligent, alert, born leaders, ambitious, competitive, athletic, and confident.

If the pitta dosha is out of balance it can manifest as allergies, inflammatory diseases, skin rashes, acne, acid reflux, fevers, sore throat, diarrhea, and a yellow tinge in the eye. Emotionally this imbalance can be evident as aggression, agitation, anger, jealousy, perfectionism, and other obsessive behaviors.

Some steps to balance the pitta dosha include eating cooling foods, reducing sour foods, including more dairy and ghee, or using a cooling massage oil such as coconut oil.

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