Oil Pulling

What is oil pulling?  It is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves swishing an oil (usually coconut oil or sesame oil) in the mouth for about 15-20 min daily.  It is based on the premise that the mouth has a large number of bacteria and toxins that may contribute to diseases and not just orally. When you swsh oil in the mouth essentially you’re cleaning the mouth, loosening the toxins, and improving your overall oral health.  Here are some of the benefits of oil pulling:

Here is how you can create your own daily oil pulling routine:

Take about a tablespoon of oil and put into mouth.  (Some say it is best to oil pull before brushing teeth.  Others disagree and think it is best to oil pull after brushing).  I personally like to scrape my tongue to remove any visible toxins from my mouth and then swish the oil before I brush.  I usually save time and swish the oil in my mouth while taking a shower. You don’t have to swish the oil aggressively. Most importantly do NOT swallow the oil since it will have excess toxins in it.

After swishing the oil (I prefer coconut oil for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties from the lauric acid in it) I spit the oil into a plastic bag that I keep.  I don’t like to spit into the sink, drain, or shower because the coconut oil can harden and clog the arteries. Also, since it has toxins in it I don’t like spreading the toxins onto places I will be touching.

 There you have it. Have you tried this practice before? It is an easy way to incorporate a healthy detox routine without adding additional time in the mornings. Let me know what you think after trying this practice!

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