Breakthrough Sessions

The Breakthrough Session
(9 hours of working together over 2 days)

Short-term support for long-term results.

Do you feel stuck?
Unable to silence the internal chatter long enough
to know what you want and hear your next steps personally or professionally?

If you answered YES
It’s time for the Breakthrough Session,
A revolutionary approach to personal transformation.

This impactful, in-depth, straight-to-the-heart session will help you
break through to the other side
where your clarity and confidence are waiting.

How does a Breakthrough Session work?

Step 1: We take your beliefs, thought patterns, values, and the stories you’ve created about yourself and your life.

Step 2: We use tools to figure out if you’re approaching those goals from a positive or negative angle.

Step 3: After we identify where your values might be conflicting with your desires, we eliminate those contradictions through powerful NLP processes such as mental emotional release (MER) and Hakalau, training the subconscious to focus only on what you want.

What are the benefits of a Breakthrough Session?

The Details:

A Breakthrough Session is typically broken up into two days for a total of approximately 9 hours of transformative work as you’ll need the time and space to allow the changes to take place while releasing what has been holding you back. Cost: $800 (In person and online—in some cases, on the phone).
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