Body Brushing

Dry brushing (also known as garshana) is a traditional Ayurvedic technique that promotes softer skin, better circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, helps reduce cellulite, and improves sluggish skin. Since the skin is the largest organ we need to consistently reduce the body’s toxic load. Dead skin cells on the body can build up and prevent our bodies from detoxing properly.

Brushing the skin with the dry bristles stimulates the skin as well as the lymphatic system by increasing the blood flow. The gentle friction and the pressure of the brush allows the release of stored toxins under the skin. The toxins are released into the bloodstream and eliminated by the body’s waste removal process.

Always brush towards the heart so it will drain the lymph in the correct direction. This means brushing the feet and legs upward while brushing downward from the shoulders to the heart. Also, the strokes in the upper body are directed towards the arm pits, so they can drain the excess toxins. The pressure should be light but firm, and in a circular clockwise direction on the stomach.

Brush for at least a couple of minutes on a dry body with only a dry brush (do not wet the brush).

After brushing, rinse the body in a shower to remove all the impurities.

This can be performed daily or several times a week. If your skin is sensitive or excessively dry, then oil application on the body (once a day) is recommended to keep the body moist and lubricated.

body brushing
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